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The Cat's Pajamas Vocal Band
Feline So Good (2017)

1. Listen_Dance to the Music (opener medley) Listen Dance to the Music - Feline so Good
2. Uptown Funk / Downtown Uptown Funk Downtown - Feline so Good
3. Classic / I Want You Back Classic I Want You Back - Feline so Good
4. Let It Go Let It Go - Feline so Good
5. Maroon 5 Medley (daylight / makes me wonder / this love / moves like jagger / sunday morn' / love somebody) Maroon 5 Medley - Feline so Good
6. Timber Timber - Feline so Good
7. Buble Medley (feeling good / haven't met you yet / home / crazy love / sway / save the last dance for me) Timber - Feline so Good
8. Thinking Out Loud Thinking Out Loud- Feline so Good
9. Bang Bang Bang Bang - Feline so Good
10. Mustang Sally Mustang Sally - Feline so Good





Kitty Litter (2013)

1. British Invasion Medley (gimme some lovin' / girl you really got me now / satisfaction) British Invasion Medley - Kitty Litter
2. Summer Medley (in the summertime / time of the season / summertime / summer in the city / summertime blues) Summer Medley - Kitty Litter
3. 60's Dance Medley (do you love me / cool jerk / land of 1000 dances / shake a tailfeather / twist n' shout) 60's Dance Medley - Kitty Litter
4. I'm Yours I'm Yours - Kitty Litter
5. Beatles Medley (8 days a week / baby you can drive my car / let it be / hey jude) Beatles Medley - Kitty Litter
6. Stay (just a little bit longer) Stay - Kitty Litter
7. Three Dog Night Medley (celebrate / one / mama told me not to come / joy to the world) Three Dog Night Medley - Kitty Litter
8. Country Medley (be my baby / T-R-O-U-B-L-E / ain't goin' down 'til the sun come up) Country Medley - Kitty Litter
9. Tonight, Tonight Tonight, Tonight - Kitty Litter
10. Born This Way Born This Way - Kitty Litter
11. Stars & Stripes Forever Stars & Stripes Forever - Kitty Litter
12. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight Goodnight Sweetheart - Kitty Litter





Meow Mix (2011)

 1. I Feel Good I Feel Good - Meow Mix
2. Oh, What A Night Oh, What A Night - Meow Mix
3. Love Potion No. 9 Love Potion No. 9 - Meow Mix
4. Run Around Sue Run Around Sue - Meow Mix
5. Stand By Me Stand By Me - Meow Mix
6. Pretty Woman Pretty Woman - Meow Mix
7. Blue Moon Blue Moon - Meow Mix
8. Kiss The Girl Kiss The Gril - Meow Mix
9. When The Sun Goes Down When The Sun Goes Down- Meow Mix
10. The Joker The Joker - Meow Mix
11. Earth AngelEarth Angel - Meow Mix
12. Up On The Roof Up On The Roof - Meow Mix
13. My Old ManMy Old Man - Meow Mix





Purr-fect For The Holidays (2010)


  1. Sleigh Ride Sleigh Ride - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  2. Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  3. O Holy Night O Holy Night - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  4. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  5. The Chipmunk Song The Chipmunk Song - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  6. Silver Bells Silver Bells - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  7. White Christmas, Part 1 White Christmas, Pt. 1 - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  8. White Christmas, Part 2 White Christmas, Pt. 2 - Purr-fect for the Holidays
  9. Mary Did You Know Mary, Did You Know? - Purr-fect for the Holidays
10. Mustang Santa Mustang Santa - Purr-fect for the Holidays
11. In The Bleak Mid Winter In the Bleak Mid Winter - Purr-fect for the Holidays
12. Silent Night Silent Night - Purr-fect for the Holidays








Two Words: Me-ow! (2010)


  1. Some Kind of Wonderful Some Kind of Wonderful - Two Words: Me-ow
  2. I Can Live With That I Can Live With That - Two Words: Me-ow
  3. Drift Away / Drops of Jupiter Drift Away / Drops of Jupiter - Two Words: Me-ow
  4. Ain't Too Proud to Beg Ain't Too Proud to Beg - Two Words: Me-ow
  5. Walking in Memphis Walking In Memphis - Two Words: Me-ow
  6. The Joker The Joker - Two Words: Me-ow
  7. Galileo Galileo - Two Words: Me-ow
  8. When the Sun Goes Down When the Sun Goes Down - Two Words: Me-ow
  9. Radio / Video Medley Radio / Video - Two Words: Me-ow
10. Meet Virginia Meet Virginia - Two Words: Me-ow
11. Drum Solo Drum Solo - Two Words: Me-ow
12. Classic Rock Medley Classic Rock Medley - Two Words: Me-ow
13. Mustang Sally Mustang Sally - Two Words: Me-ow




One Stop Doo Wop (2010)


  1. Duke of Earl Duke of Earl - One Stop Doo Wop
  2. Under The Boardwalk Under the Boardwalk - One Stop Doo Wop
  3. Oreo / Rockin' Robin Oreo / Rockin' Robin - One Stop Doo Wop
  4. Stand By Me Stand By Me - One Stop Doo Wop
  5. Proud Mary Proud Mary - One Stop Doo Wop
  6. Hooked on a Feelin' Hooked On a Feelin' - One Stop Doo Wop
  7. Love Potion No. 9 Love Potion No. 9 - One Stop Doo Wop
  8. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - One Stop Doo Wop
  9. Pretty Woman Pretty Woman - One Stop Doo Wop
10. Up On The Roof Up On the Roof - One Stop Doo Wop
11. I Feel Good (bonus track) I Feel Good (bonus Track) - One Stop Doo Wop
12. Only You (bonus track) Only You - One Stop Doo Wop





Slap Bracelet


This slick looking silicone slap bracelet will provide hours of fun and comes with our trendy hash tag: #VOCALMEOW




Fedora (blue with logo)


One size fits most noodles and noggins // this purrfect trilby will turns heads AND keep the sun out of your eyes // Skinner hand attaches the CPJ logo to each hat himself. . . with love and care :) 




PoP SoCkEt!


Stick this ditty on your iPhone, android, google phone or blackberry and your fingers will never be nimbler also works on zucchini and hot pockets // increase your phone's GRIPTION!!!




Baseball Hat


Good for ball games or a cappella shows. . . this velcro back will be sure to keep the spotlight out of your retinas so you can shine on. One size fits most melons.




USB Flash Memory Drive


This USB stick comes with all 6 abums!!!

One Stop Doo Wop, Two Words: Me-ow, Purr-fect For The Holidays, Meow Mix, Kitty Litter, and Feline So Good. High quality .mp3 files. This is the all inclusive digital KITTEN-KABOODLE PACKAGE!!! (aka: every song we've ever recorded. . . ever)

8GB of storage space!




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