Individual Bios

Skinner - Beat Bass

Brian Skinner has been singing a cappella for over a decade. He first performed with the nationally acclaimed UW-Madison MadHatters and Coed group ‘Redefined’, and then toured the country with the professional group, BC3 A cappella. Brian also performed for two years as a singer/dancer in the Wisconsin Singers. He then went on to do shows at Six Flags Great America (where he was "Monty the Mountie"), and then the Fab 50’s Live show in the Wisconsin Dells. His latest project was writing, directing, and choreographing a show called Jump, Jive, N’ Wail that performed at Chula Vista Resorts in the Dells. And although he doesn’t hold the Guinness Book of World Records for lowest note ever sung, he replaced the guy who did while he sang and danced in the 50’s at the Hop show in Branson, MO. Brian’s specialty is singing deep and solid bass lines but also makes an appearance once in a while on a gritty solo. Brian is an avid karaoker and enjoys long walks on the beach with Sagittarians.


Skinner has pioneered the art of Beat Bass in The Cat's Pajamas, where he sings the bass notes and makes the drum sounds at the same time.